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WordPress 3.0 is here

I’ve had the chance to play around with version 3.0 these past couple of days. So far my themes (from version 2.9.2) are working just fine, I have yet to read the change logs from the wordpress.org website -but one noticeable feature, which by the way is another awesome addition to wp, is the new Menus tab under the Appearance menu -which allow users to create their own custom menu from existing wordpress links (pages and categories) or an internal/external link which the user can manually input. When you’re done customizing your menu, simply go and add it as a widget to your theme, it’s as simple as that.

Here’s a screenshot:
WordPress 3.0 Menus

I used widget to add the menu on my sidebar, for obvious reasons, my themes currently don’t support the new Menus function of wordpress -it’s an awesome function nonetheless, one that I won’t mind adding on my themes seeing it’s usefulness.

This is a classic example of wordpress giving its users less reason to touch html codes, way to go WordPress!! I’m sold as always, although from a design point of view, I liked the default admin color scheme better at 2.9.