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Introducing Technicolor for WordPress Theme…

click on the image for a demo

Technicolor WordPress Theme


Technicolor is a video blog theme for WordPress. It features a video showcase in the home page which is interchangeable via admin panel, it also uses of post thumbnails which is intended to be used as a screenshot / preview for the last two posts. Technicolor also makes use of the “once” icon pack, a cool set made by Delacro. The theme as always is widget-ready with replaceable sidebar and footer content, fixed on a 2-column spread layout.


8 thoughts on “Technicolor

  1. Shane says:

    I love this theme! The transparency on the nav menu is epic! 😀

  2. V.C says:

    The theme is very elegant, I would say. However, it seems like you haven’t had the demo yet, right?

    1. Patrick says:

      Hey V.C,
      Just click on the image on top to see the demo.

  3. WP2B says:

    Hi, someone asked for me to convert it to blogger template. Here is the link. Great design

  4. hamzta says:

    Is there a way to get the photoshop file? Or some layered file, because of the background wrap?! Would be awesome.


  5. What can i say abt this theme outstanding

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