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Introducing Pasture for WordPress Theme…

click on the image for a demo

pasture for wordpress theme


Pasture is an environmental-inspired wordpress theme using gradients of black and green as the main color scheme. Widget-ready sidebar and footer on a fixed 2-column spread, with the addition of Ajax-integrated drop-down page submenus.

Pasture is my first official public release theme. I’ve been meaning to make one since a year ago as I’ve had my shot at editing wordpress themes even before the wordpress 2.5 release ( if I’m not mistaken ). Never did quite found the time though, too bad for me… Anyway, Pasture is here and I hope you guys like my first theme.

Thanks and Enjoy!


One thought on “Pasture

  1. KingQ says:

    just a simple bug with this theme. When the screen size is 1680×1050, than you have a white border on the right and left side. A background-color: black; in body-tag should resolve this problem.

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