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GSAP gives ActionScript a run for its money

Here’s a back-story.. I’ve always loved animation, and I’m not just talking about the ones we watch, but I’m also referring to building and animating objects.. and since I’m in the web industry, I’ve always preferred Adobe Flash, it was Macromedia when I was still in college, but then Adobe bought it and added it to their Suite.

I used to do a lot of action script and timeline animations when Flash was first introduced to us in school and my first ‘web portfolio’ was actually in full flash (I’ll try to dig that up and add it here when I find time).

So what does this have to do with GSAP anyway?

Well, first things first, GSAP stands for Green Sock Animation Platform, it has been around for a while now, but the GS classes were exclusively for Flash Action Script programmers, there are two versions available AS2 and AS3 versions. Well basically, what it does is make animation easier for Action Script developers – especially when it comes to maintaining and revising codes, definitely a heck of a time saver (speaking from experience), I think Green Sock dubbed it as “Action Script on Steriods” if I remember correctly.

Anyway with Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX) becoming ever more popular, and with JavaScript animation closing in on Flash’s advantages, Green Sock releases GSAP which has the same animation Classes, only this time, specifically for JavaScript!

If you’re a developer, you’re probably thinking that this is just another JQuery clone.. I’ll tell you right away that this platform in no way tries to replace JQuery.. as a matter of fact, the way it was written, it actually complements it. I’d personally recommend using it together with your JQuery projects -that are of course “animation heavy”.


Here’s some GSAP in action

[Running Smoothly with JQuery if I may add]

click on image above to see GSAP

The design and animation used to be in one of my full flash portfolios, I’ve began converting it to pure JavaScript animation using GSAP (do note that it’s a work in progress).