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Introducing Coffee for WordPress Theme…

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Coffee Theme for WordPress

Why name it Coffee?

– I know, I know, it’s pretty lame…
Because aside from the color, it reminds me of how much sleepless nights (and gallons of coffee) it took me to develop this theme from scratch, pixel by pixel until it finally reached the point of what it is now.


Coffee-themed wordpress template. Predominantly with gradients of brown as well as shades of black. The current version of this theme (v1.0.1) has a massive widget compartment, including thumbnailed latest posts and a built-in contact form without the need to download wordpress plugins, both optional and can be replaced via widgets. Layout is a fixed-width 2-column/3-column spread. Ajax-integrated sliding header with highlighted content and drop-down page submenus.

Simple, elegant and functional are words kept in mind while designing this theme, hopefully I succeeded now that it’s done. I plan to release a trimmed-down version of this theme under the GPL license (meaning it’s free for public download – yey!) soon.

5 thoughts on “Coffee

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  2. Ray Statzer says:

    Wow! Great job!

  3. Thank you for a fantastic post. I enjoyed it.

  4. Afif says:

    Hi Patrick,
    How do we download this theme?

  5. Great theme! Did you make it yourself?

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