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Wordpress Theme Designer – Patrick Sy

Coffee 2.0

Haven’t gotten to update anything here for a while, been busy with work I guess…  A lot has changed since the last time I developed a WordPress theme for my blog but I’m happy to say that the themes available here have been tested to work on the latest version to date (v 3.7.1)

I’m happy to announce that I just found the time to update my Coffee theme to HTML5 + Responsive Layout using below technologies.

HTML5 and CSS3

Technically responsive web design came about with CSS2’s media queries but just to cut a long story short CSS3 should be okay.

I must admit, HTML5 has been around the time the first Coffee Theme was developed, though I didn’t really see the point then of converting XHTML to HTML5 since the technology that time was still not as mature as it is today, meaning a ton of trouble for “old” browser support, and by OLD I do mean just Internet Explorer, I’m pretty sure every web designer has had the same problem with IE, thank goodness to Google for launching Chrome which significantly lessened Internet Explorer users.