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Introducing Cameo for WordPress Theme…

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cameo wordpress theme


Cameo plays elegantly with elements of light and shadow in order to give more emphasis on images. The theme comes with Featured image and thumbnailed latest posts displayed in the main page, Cameo is the perfect WordPress theme for your photo blog. Cameo also features widget-ready sidebar and footer on a fixed 2-column spread as well as an ajax-integrated drop-down page submenu.


A Wiki might help understand what the theme is all about…
Cameo lighting in film is a spotlight that accentuates a single person in a scene. It creates an ‘angelic’ shot, such as one where God is shining down and a light shines down onto this person.

Cameo lighting derives its name from the art form in which a light relief figure is set against a darker background. It is often achieved by using barn-doored spotlights. It helps focus on the subject and not its environment.

source: wikipedia

My first attempt at a photo blog theme for wordpress. Cameo, definitely has its cons especially when used as a blogging tool, since it intentionally drowns out the text in the dark to leave the images afloat. If this becomes too much of a concern, feel free to edit the css to change font colors manually; I tried to make it so that users won’t have to edit too much to change font colors, hope it helps. Currently I’m thinking of having an admin panel that would allow changing textual color schemes within the template – no release date in mind though… in the near future perhaps 😉


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