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It’s been sometime now since I’ve last updated anything in my website, and I feel that even my About page write-up needs an upgrade

I guess I’ll start my “About Me” Version 2.0

I’m Patrick a “Full Stack Web and Applications Developer” with more than a decade of Design, Marketing and Programming experience. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia and am currently a Software Engineer at Nowcom you can also connect with me via┬áLinkedIn; Yes that’s right – I’m an Arts Major who somehow stumbled upon the world of Computer Science and Information Technology.


So what’s a Full Stack Developer?? It’s actually just short for saying:

I can do Everything.

LOL Just kidding.


Nah, I can’t really do everything as that’s not exactly physically possible specially in the IT industry (the scope is just too big), being a full-stack developer means having end-to-end experience in web and applications development (in my case), and by that I mean experience with [1] Server environments -where the application will be deployed, [2] Design -that covers [a] User Interface and [b] User Experience, [3] Development -which comprises the application’s base logic and [4] Data -which often handles communication within your application all the way to product launch.


Being Full Stack neither means having no specialization nor does it mean being good at everything.


I could probably start an article about the subject or even a debate about the “Full-Stack Myth” but since that’s a different topic altogether, I’ll leave it up to you to just ‘Google’ the word and decide for yourself what it means.


Information Technology is a never ending process of learning

and my advise to aspiring developers out there is to NOT try to master everything, but instead – Speacialize. I’m a Front-End specialist myself and I believe that will always be my strong suite given my background in Arts and Design.


So that’s about everything I’d like to update about myself for this year’s first post (2016).

You can also read my original About Page [Version 1.0], written back in 2010 which is the same year when this website was first designed and coded.


Developer Note: The original theme (and downloadable themes available) was built before the time of Bootstrap, and was written in xHTML (for legacy browser support), this theme has undergone two significant markup and stylesheet changes since 2010, a [Version 2.0] upgrade back in November 2013 which consisted of an HTML5 + Media Query updates (for mobile device support) – more info here, and a recent Bootstrap 3.0 upgrade for Coffee theme that was released October 2016.